Saskia Tanfal has actively been involved with music since the age of five and is known for her work
from a wide spectrum of music media. As a classical concert pianist she won numerous national and
international competitions in her childhood.

For many years she has sung as a soloist for various productions and show acts on the biggest stages of
Europe, and thereby particularly enjoys the role of “Agnetha” in the ABBA Show “SWEDE SENSATION”
because she “… can enchant the audience with the fantastic music of four Swedes …”.

Also as a studio singer in the area of synchronization Saskia is perhaps one of the best known top players
in the scene and sings title songs and takes on solo roles and choral parts in international cinema, TV and
DVD productions (e.g., “Arielle”, “Ice Age”, “Barbie”, “Pocahontas”, “Winnie Pooh”, “Kim Possible”,
“My Little Pony”, and more). One also knows her voice from radio advertising or from the numerous
events where Saskia Tanfal performs as an experienced moderator.